We Know you have some questions...

How Do I Get There?

Trinidad and Tobago is serviced by airlines from all over the world offering regional and international flights to tourists interested in visiting the twin island republic year round. Airlines include:

American Airlines, Jet Blue, Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, LIAT, Insel Air, United Airlines, COPA Airlines, West Jet to name a few


Why Should I use TCC?

Unlike other services, we work with YOUR budget. No pre-set packages that may fall way out of your budget. You tell us how much you can spend and we try our darndest to stay within or very close to your budget. We also test and visit every mascamp, accommodation location, and fete so we KNOW what we're talking about. We are all 100% Trini and hence are kept in the loop 100% of the time.


What is the TCC fee?

TCC fees are non refundable service fees. Each part of our service attracts a fee whether it be accommodation or transportation booking or overall Carnival planning.


How much should I budget?

Excluding flights, US$2500 to US$3000 per person to cover accommodation for up to 7 days, events and costumes would be described as a tight budget; but not impossible. US$3500 and up per person would grant you the flexibility of staying within Port Of Spain, going to All Inclusive (premium drinks and food) parties/events and your choice of a costume in a popular band.


What should I expect?

Madness and Energy. Fun and Smiling Faces. Endless and sleepness nights. Parties, Strangers and Friends.

It is best described in the Ultimate Road Ready Guide that can be found on Amazon. Otherwise, want a quick overview to who, what, where and whodunnit? Check out The Carnival Connection Speaks! on LehWeGo.com


When should I start planning?

Trinidad Carnival is usually held in either February or March. As a newbie, we know you have a life and you love enjoying that life wherever you come from, so you would think that the ideal time for you to start planning your winter escape would be October or November. This is wrong... really really wrong...

Unfortunately, there are 10,000 other people globally whose lives revolve Carnival. They begin planning their Trinidad Carnival experience from March the preceding year. Yes... March. Some from Ash Wednesday!


With that said, ideally you should start looking into your flights and accommodation by April/May the preceding year.  Carnival Bands and Costumes start launching in July (6-7 months before the actual parade), so once you have your flight and lodgings covered, you are free to take your time with the rest of your planning.


Costumes and Jouvert  packages...explain

Carnival Costumes, or 'pretty mas', are one of the major draws to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, besides the fetes. Although an optional part of Carnival, these costumes are highly sought after due to their general aesthetics as well as the amenities offered by Bands when a costume is purchased e.g. all inclusive food, drinks and snacks.

Every year,  Carnival Bands come up with a theme and produce costumes to represent these themes. Costumes can be basic e.g. without a headpiece or very elaborate with back pieces, collars and arm and leg pieces. The Parade of the Bands is actually two days long...ALL day. Traditionally, the costume was worn on both days, but, there is an increasing trend of 'Monday Wear' designs taking Carnival by storm. The carnival costume is worn during the Parade where you jump, wave, and display your costume to spectators and judges. The Band with the best costumes and presentation is awarded the Band of the Year title at the end of the festivities.


J'ouvert, unlike pretty mas which is full of beads, feathers and splendour, is celebrated under a cloak of darkness in the wee hours of the morning with oil, paint, mud, powder. The parade is held through the streets in all of our muddy splendour between 3am and 9am celebrating the opening of Carnival.


What is a "fete"?

Throughout your planning experience, you will hear locals and foreigners alike urging you to try 'this' fete and 'that' fete. A 'fete' is essentially a huge party. Some can be as large as an outdoor rave and some can be intimate, however, the word 'fete' covers the umbrella of terms used to describe parties during the Carnival period. The best fetes are those where tickets are near impossible to get and usually sells out online in a couple of hours. The overarching theme for Trinidad Carnival is 'start early, be prepared'.


What Should I Pack?

Trinidad is in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is HOT, even during 'Winter'. Temperatures average 28-32 Degrees Celsius! So pack light! Leave the snow shoes and furry jackets at home. Say hello to strappy sandals, shorts and cool tops. Bring a hat if you are not used to extreme sunshine, insoles for the long days on your feet and don't forget an extra strong sunblock! But for those who don't like to leave anything to chance, check out the Ultimate Packing Guide from Trinidad Carnival Diary


Is there anything else we've forgotten to mention? Or do you have another question? You can send us an email to thecarnivalconnection@gmail.com or use the contact form available on the Connect With Us Page