Carnival Planning

Trinidad Carnival Planning

Leave the coordination to us. We arrange your lodgings, events, costume and even transportation the way YOU want it. We work within the budget range that suits you to make your Trinidad Carnival Experience an epic one.


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Need somewhere to lay your head? TCC has got you covered. From large and boutique hotels to private rooms and apartments, we have something for every location, body and budget. Check out our available accommodation options in De TuCC Shop



A popular aspect of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, is that tourists and locals alike can play in a Carnival band. Sort out your Carnival Costume so you can be IN the parade versus a spectator!

There are bands for every budget in Trinidad and a concierge service like TCC will eliminate the guess work for you...


You want to come to Trinidad to wave, jump, wine and  have an amazing time. Not hunt for tickets.



Not too keen on driving in a strange country at all hours of the day and night?

Or are you an energetic partier that snoozes once you see the car?

Never worry about getting to and from your events again. We've got you covered.