What is Trinidad Carnival?

In 1797, Trinidad was captured by the British and was made a crown colony of Great Britain.

In this era, the period between Christmas and Lent was marked by great merrymaking and feasting by both the French and English.

The Carnival celebrations between 1783 and 1838 were dominated by the white elite.

During this period  there were numerous balls, parties and other entertainment. This gave the Africans some measure of freedom to enjoy themselves and engage in merry making. These festivities, along with the pomp and ceremony involved in imposing martial law, provided the Africans with ideas for some of the earliest masquerades for Carnival.

Since then, businesses and the middle class have gentrified and popularised the festival over the last century, with the incorporation of  formal competitions and committees. Carnival has evolved into a festival celebrated by young and old, of every class, creed and colour, in what truly is a spectacle of creativity and freedom

Why Should I come?

If you are reading this page, you've done the sun, sea, sand, jetski, braided hair, parachuting type holidays and you're looking for something new. You've probably heard of Caribbean Carnivals, or seen the vibrance of the colour, the party and the atmosphere and you want to know..."How do I get there?!"...


Trinidad Carnival has been used as a template to establish some of the biggest Carnivals in the world; namely Caribana in Toronto and Notting Hill in London. Unlike Carnivals in Brazil, Spain and Tenerife, you do not have to belong to a dance or performance school to be a costumed masquerader in this festival...


Yep, you've guessed it..EVERYONE can don a costume and participate...even you!


Excited? Let's jump in!