The Carnival Connection has partnered with Coexistence Expeditions to upgrade your Trinidad Carnival experience.

Coexistence Expeditions offers nature tours to suit every need and best suited for the Carnival season are short and affordable 'experience Trinidad' tours which are meant to give our visitors a glimpse of the beauty that is Trinidad even whilst they go to 'fete after fete'. Want to do a beach run? Or how about a gentle hike? Or test your limits with a swim in a cavernous pool? Coexistence has got you covered.


Tours for the Carnival period include:

Gasparee Caves

Gasparee Island, also known as Gaspar Grande is one of a chain of five islands situated just off the Western Peninsula of Trinidad ( better known as “down the islands”). On this island there exists a labyrinth of natural caves, filled with stalactites and stalagmites and ready for exploration . The Gasparee Cave is a ten minute walk up a 30 degrees incline on the northern side of the island. You then continue a walk deep underground into the caves, where you can immerse yourself in the cavernous pool contained therein.  


Lopinot Bean to Bar Tour

Learn to make Chocolate bars from scratch using 'ole time' techniques in the village association sponsored by Machel Montano!


Maracas Beach Lime

Join us as we visit the most popular beach along the North Coast of Trinidad. Relax, people watch, take a dip in the sea as well as partake in the gastronomy that is Bake and Shark! Enjoy travelling through the lush, cool forests on the way to the Maracas Beach!


Down D Islands

Visit the islands situated off of Trinidad's north coast like Gasparee and Monos islands and learn about the history behind the colonisation and ownership of these islands. End the tour with a relaxing dip in the sea.


Each tour costs US65 per person, (Gasparee Caves and Bean to Bar - Lopinot are US85 per person) and includes transportation to and from your accommodation(within the Port of Spain and environs area)! 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, tours will be limited by 7 persons per tour.