Trinidad Carnival 2025 Planning Registration


Quick FAQS


"The special thing about TCC is that we design our packages to suit YOUR budget. No predetermined prices which cost in the thousands and may fall out of your budget range. You give us an idea of how much you want to spend,  and we do our best to make it happen!!"


Trinidad Carnival 2025 parade dates  - March 3 2025 to March 4 2025


Average budget range US3000 to US3800 per person (based on carnival 2024 clientele)


What's included in a standard package? Accommodation, costume, fetes/events, transportation (package upgrades available!)


Please read the Terms and Conditions below FIRST before signing up for services.

**Clients who sign-up and pay for TCC planning services for 2025 Trinidad Carnival agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

   -  TCC will be providing services for the following band/costume providers ONLY: YUMA, The LOST Tribe, Paparazzi

   - TCC will not procure tickets for Scorch Events, Soaka and AMBush 

  -  ALL Payments are non-refundable and non transferable

  -  Payments will be, to the best of the client's ability, be made on-time to allow for the provision of timely services. TCC should be notified in the event of a late payment

  - TCC and associated representatives will make 2 attempts/visits to the mascamp to collect your costume. In the event that the mascamp is unable to produce your costume (in full) within these 2 attempts, the client will be directed to liaise directly and accordingly with the mascamp. 


 TCC services  include:

-Free flight search and recommendations

- Accommodation Booking

- Transportation Booking

- Costume registration and delivery

-  Fete Ticket and J'ouvert package purchase and delivery 

- Tobago cool down or Trinidad tour (if requested)



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